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Stetten presents itself


The width of the lake,  the quickly changing weather and the Mediterranean touch must already have pleased the Romans, since they settled here and brought us the vine. In the midst of the largest  connected viticultural area at the Bodensee between Hagnau and Meersburg, Stetten lies beautifully embedded between vine hills, orchards, fields and forests.

With ist 1000 inhabitants, Stetten is the smallest community in the Bodensee region.

Between Hagnau and Meersburg, Stetten has ist own beech, 1100 meters long. Here you can rest in the shadow of old trees and relax.

The surface of the community is 430 hectar and it lies 470 m above sea-level.

Stetten today (Copyright Mende)

The main business in Stetten is with fruit and vine, and this creates beautiful sceneries during the seasons. In spring tou have the apple blossom,, thousands of trees. In summer the sea invites you to swim. In automn there is much activity in the vine hills and orchards. The harvest of the fruit farmers and the vintage of the winegrowers is celebrated by the feast the "Stettener autumn".

Also in winter the landscape is facinating: Calm, snow and a large view over the sea.


Stetten was mentioned in documents already in the year 752, when a certain Mothari gave its goods at "Altstadi" (Stetten) to the monastery of St. Gallen. This date was the reason for the great 1250 - year celebration of the municipality in 2002.

The emplacement of Stetten is very central. The
municipality is directly connected to the traffic network by the two federal highways 31 (Freiburg - Lindau) and 33 Konstanz/ferry/Meersburg - Ravensburg). With the bus, passing every 30 minutes on the „Sea line“ one arrives quickly at numerous neighbouring municipialities along the Bodensee bank.


Old painted View onto Stetten at Lake Contance